Definition of bird of passage in English:

bird of passage


  • 1A migratory bird.

    • ‘This is the spade work done by Gwen and the writer, and the later promotion are only birds of passage.’
    • ‘‘The industry cannot possibly be affected because it is far more closed and sterile, and the poultry have practically no access to their faeces nor to water sources which could be infected by birds of passage,’ he said.’
    • ‘He said birds of passage are increasing in the zone after fishermen were banned from catching crab and fish last year.’
    • ‘You are no summer bird of passage, come and gone with the bunting.’
    • ‘Clearly there is some reason why these birds of passage have alighted here, and I hope they're having fun.’
    1. 1.1 A person who passes through a place without staying for long.
      • ‘The first option is to remain a ‘bird of passage’ by viewing oneself as a temporary alien accumulating some Yankee dollars to return home.’
      • ‘Over time, many birds of passage decided to stay in America and sent for their families.’
      • ‘In actual fact, the government servant cut off from his cultural moorings is no more than a transient, a bird of passage; he has little social interaction with and almost no interest in the development of the local people.’
      • ‘The house, formerly No.146, now No.87, had become a rooming shelter for birds of passage from Australia, New Zealand, America, South Africa.’
      • ‘The Canadian Professor who is a summer bird of passage, is once more adorning and enlivening the household: one of her first contributions to the rich texture of daily life on this particular occasion is a copy of the Benedictine Yearbook.’
      • ‘Women in the workplace, in her characterization, ‘were birds of passage… marriage and the bearing and rearing of children are their permanent occupations ’.’
      traveller, rambler, hiker, wayfarer, migrant, globetrotter, roamer, rover
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bird of passage