Definition of bird feeder in English:

bird feeder


  • A container designed to be filled with birdseed and placed outdoors to attract wild birds.

    ‘wild songbirds that prefer to eat at bird feeders’
    • ‘He also sells accessories such as birdhouses, bird feeders, wind chimes, and metal garden decor.’
    • ‘Now you're ready to build your bird feeder or fix virtually anything that's starting to come loose around the house.’
    • ‘To accustom your birds to a new bath, try placing a bird feeder within five feet of the bath.’
    • ‘You can hang wind chimes on any type of hook - hooks sold for bird feeders work pretty good.’
    • ‘Squirrels are infamous for their ability to get into bird feeders.’
    • ‘Watch your bird feeders in the morning for chickadees with rumpled tail feathers - the result of a night spent in cozy quarters.’
    • ‘As cold weather sets in, birds have greater difficulty finding natural food, so they seek out bird feeders.’
    • ‘The branches serve as a handy perch for the sparrows and mourning doves that frequent my city bird feeder.’
    • ‘We have the little Carolina chickadees at our bird feeder and enjoy observing them so much.’
    • ‘A pair of acrobatic American goldfinches alight on a cylindrical hanging bird feeder, hungrily searching for thistle seeds.’