Definition of bird fancier's lung in English:

bird fancier's lung


mass noun
  • A respiratory disease caused by inhaling dust consisting of feathers, droppings, and other organic matter from birds.

    • ‘Precipitins to avian serum antigens have been found in the sera of bird fanciers and, until now, they have been considered strong supporting evidence for a clinical diagnosis of bird fancier's lung.’
    • ‘The common bird is the parakeet, but chicken handlers also develop the condition. [Chronic bird fancier's lung can be subgrouped into two types.’
    • ‘Asbestosis, silicosis and bird fancier's lung are examples of interstitial lung disease caused by inhalation of foreign material.’
    • ‘The most common syndromes are bird fanciers' lung and farmers' lung.’
    • ‘These individuals commonly contract “bird fanciers’ lung” or HP in response to organic dusts.’
    • ‘Patients with chronic bird fancier's lung can be classified into two types.’
    • ‘The relation between non-specific delayed cutaneous hypersensitivity and bird fancier's lung was investigated in 13 patients with the disorder.’
    • ‘Parrot and the parakeet family can cause a severe reaction known as bird-fancier's lung also called hypersensitivity pneumonitis.’
    • ‘When the disease strikes a fancier of avian culture, it is called "pigeon breeder's lung," "bird breeder's lung," or "bird fancier's lung," just to name a few.’
    • ‘The most common antigens are thermophilic actinomycetes and avian proteins; the most common diseases are farmer's lung and bird fancier's lung.’
    • ‘Does anyone know if there is a treatment for bird fanciers' lung (Alveolitis)?’
    • ‘Honeycombing has been observed in up to 50% of patients with chronic bird fancier's lung but appears to be much less common in chronic HP of other etiologies.’
    • ‘The gamekeeper contracted bird fancier's lung, a serious disease contracted from working in a closed environment with the birds' feathers and droppings.’