Definition of bird call in English:

bird call


  • 1The characteristic cry of a bird.

    • ‘Canary creates a spectrogram, or visual representation of each bird call.’
    • ‘Now your friend, Michael Pestel, who was there with you that morning, with a collection of instruments, he explained to you that there's a difference between bird calls and birdsong.’
    • ‘Only the rare bird call broke the sudden silence now that everyone had disappeared inside.’
    • ‘‘Frightened bird calls panic the other animals,’ Hall said.’
    • ‘I heard a bird call, then a group of bandits yelled as they came crashing out from the bushes.’
    • ‘You could believe that someone had miscued the CD or forgotten the bird call.’
    • ‘As they began to spread out, a bird call broke the silence from the opposite side of the clearing.’
    • ‘Have you seen the motion sensitive birds that chirp and wiggle with their actual bird call.’
    • ‘Tapes of bird calls are helpful for those who want to learn the sounds of local birds.’
    • ‘Muted maracas shake, didgeridoos blow, and bird calls squawk.’
    • ‘As the moon was waxing and a nasty storm had just moved through, I was sitting near an open window about 8pm when I heard it… a distinctive bird call not like the usual night birds I hear.’
    • ‘This bird call which is mimicked by children, written about by poets and musically inspired by composers has it's place in nature.’
    • ‘Their lips were centimetres apart when a loud bird call came from the balcony.’
    • ‘The occasional bird call darts through the foliage into the cool tropical air, but on a still night the silence is audible.’
    • ‘A thick forest surrounded the countryside generally alive with bird call and other noises.’
    • ‘Complete with bird calls, the balalaika orchestra brings off an impressionistic piece with free rhythmic passages in a haze of tremolos’
    • ‘We had left the woods and were walking on the other side of the fence bordering the park when we heard an unfamiliar bird call.’
    • ‘In the distance I hear a bird call, a car driving by with loud bass, and some kids yelling and laughing in the playground down the street.’
    • ‘It was utterly, silent, too - no bird calls or insect chirrups disturbed the sandy desert.’
    • ‘Though these usually manifest themselves in communications (as do bird calls or scent markings in other species), they exist as factors in the ecological landscape that shape behavior.’
    1. 1.1 An instrument imitating a bird's characteristic cry, used especially by hunters.
      • ‘Students were carving birds, making bird calls (this was a surprisingly big group), making leather bracelets, candles, and glass jewelery, as well as doing some pottery.’
      • ‘Crafted of solid brass and birchwood, this very versatile little birdcall whistle will surprise you with its ultra-realistic sounds!’
      • ‘I believe he is in Illinois and I know he has a company that does the bird calls (and other hunting calls.’
      • ‘Supporters counter that it is no more unfair than using bird calls and decoys to attract birds or using baited hooks to catch fish.’
      • ‘New Agers of either sex will have collections full of warbling pan pipes, waterfalls and bird calls.’