Definition of bird's nest soup in English:

bird's nest soup


mass noun
  • A soup made in Chinese cooking from the dried gelatinous coating of the nests of swifts and other birds.

    • ‘The eponymous ingredient of Chinese bird's nest soup is an expensive delicacy.’
    • ‘One delicacy is the bird's nest soup made from the swiftlet's nest.’
    • ‘Soaked, cleaned, and cooked, the nests are the basis for the famous delicacy, bird's nest soup.’
    • ‘As it is the seventh course, a truly lavish banquet will often feature bird's nest soup.’
    • ‘They come bearing gifts, a whole roasted suckling pig, delicacies like bird's nest soup and abalone and sweets.’
    • ‘Second, those particular ingredients - bird's nest soup, and shark's fin soup - are worth more than a passing mention as just another two food items, albeit of an exotic nature.’
    • ‘Yes, I'll have two snakes, a squid, a bag of cockerel's testicles and some bird's nest soup, please.’
    • ‘In Beijing and Shandong, specialties include Beijing duck served with pancakes and plum sauce, sweet and sour carp, and bird's nest soup.’
    • ‘While I have never tried authentic bird's nest soup, apparently it is an acquired taste - many westerners think it tastes quite rubbery the first time they try it.’
    • ‘They're home to these Swiftlet birds, whose nests are harvested and sold to China for bird's nest soup.’
    • ‘Malaysian entrepreneurs are dishing out tens thousands of dollars to convert old buildings into the birdhouses to attract the birds whose nests are used to make the wildly popular Chinese delicacy, bird's nest soup.’
    • ‘The same researcher, Massimo Marcone, has looked at the composition of swallow nests used in bird's nest soup, finding that the protein structure from the saliva is similar to eggs.’