Definition of bird's-eye view in English:

bird's-eye view


  • A general view from above.

    ‘at this vantage point it's possible to have a bird's-eye view’
    • ‘A seat under the trees will look good from the house and would give a bird's-eye view of your terraces.’
    • ‘Not since the belly turret of the B - 17 have aircraft occupants had such a bird's-eye view.’
    • ‘Passing under, through, and over the forest at Monteverde, comfortable two-person cable cars offer bird's-eye views, great for those not too keen on zip lining at high speeds.’
    • ‘Shoot from the ground up using a wide-angle lens to exaggerate the height of a massive nave; or climb to a balcony or choir loft to get a bird's-eye view of altars or stained glass windows.’
    • ‘Have a go on the ferris wheel, just for a bit of a break and a bird's-eye view.’
    • ‘A plane's bird's-eye view gives aerial surveyers a chance to navigate hundreds of acres of swampland’
    • ‘This bird's-eye view will give you a different perspective on the land, suggesting pros and cons of different parcels.’
    • ‘The mountaineer's love of height and the bird's-eye view have been seen beautifully, from another angle altogether.’
    • ‘Cameras above the preparation areas beamed a bird's-eye view of the chopping boards to screens around the auditorium to enable the audience to pick up some handy tips from close range.’
    • ‘It has a bird's-eye view and infrared sensors so it can spot suspects fleeing three blocks from a crime scene or hiding in the dark with its Forward Looking Infra Red scanner.’
    • ‘Along with all this, a new bird's-eye view shows, for the first time, what the Milky Way would look like to an astronomer peering our way from some faraway galaxy.’
    • ‘We are sitting in his garden studio, a minimal glass box with a bird's-eye view of Sacré Coeur de Montmartre and books piled everywhere.’
    • ‘The images, all aerial photographs, capture the characteristics and patterns of the natural world which can only be seen from a bird's-eye view.’
    • ‘She had a bird's-eye view of her village and looked around to her heart's content.’
    • ‘In the same period, however, there was ambitious and reasonably accurate work such as the magnificent bird's-eye view of Venice attributed to Jacopo de'Barbari and published in 1500 on four large woodcut sheets.’
    • ‘They move you around; you see things from bird's-eye views and worm's-eye views, though knotholes, in extreme close-up, and so forth.’
    • ‘As you can see in the top image at left, it's not quite a bird's-eye view.’
    • ‘You can get a bird's-eye view by climbing aboard a Ferris wheel, as the photographer did for the unusual shot from the ride.’
    • ‘Nor are we accustomed to seeing our world from a bird's-eye view - it's frightening and breathtakingly stunning.’
    • ‘You don't normally get to see such a great bird's-eye view of Bradford.’
    view, vista, wide view, aerial view, scenic view, prospect, perspective, outlook, aspect, scene, scenery, landscape, seascape
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