Definition of bird's-eye in English:



  • 1usually as modifier Any of a number of plants with small flowers that have contrasting petals and centres.

    (also 'bird's-eye speedwell') a speedwell with bright blue flowers.Also known as germander speedwell

    (also 'bird's-eye primrose') a primrose with yellow-centred purple flowers (Primula farinosa, family Primulaceae).

    • ‘Bird's-eye primrose is a diminutive plant.’
    • ‘Also called bird's-eye, it has naturalized and often grows in grassy or bare areas.’
    • ‘Bird's-eye refers to the color pattern of the flowers.’
    • ‘Bird's-eye primrose has pink or lilac flowers and dusty looking leaves.’
    • ‘The map shows the known locations for bird's-eye primrose (black dots) based on the New York Natural Heritage Program database.’
    sweeping, wide, extensive, bird's-eye, scenic, commanding
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  • 2A small very hot chilli pepper.

    • ‘I tried some birds-eye pepper sauce on them once and was converted.’
    • ‘Bird chillies (cabai burung in Malaysia) are also called bird's-eye chillies because they are as small, vivid, and sharp as the eye of a bird.’
    • ‘If you prefer your salsa hot, opt for the small bird's-eye, or even the eye-watering Scotch bonnet chillies.’
    • ‘Believed to be one of the hottest peppers available, Tepin is a perennial wild, birds eye pepper of unique flavour.’
  • 3A small geometric pattern woven with a dot in the centre, typically used in suiting and lining fabrics.

    • ‘This is a so called four-course repeat structure, which will produce a birds-eye-backed fabric.’
    • ‘The four new styles include collar and cuffs with the following designs: thin stripe, bird's-eye, racing and wide stripe.’
    • ‘A simple “pattern” of stripes, interspersed with rows of bird's eye pattern make an interesting design.’
    • ‘Again a further birds-eye-backed fabric is produced in which the yarn knitting on courses 9 and 11 is of the same colour as that knitted on courses 1,3,5 and 7.’
    • ‘I think I made the right call by not continuing with the bird's eye pattern uninterrupted for the entire piece.’