Definition of biracial in English:



  • Concerning or containing members of two racial groups.

    • ‘Largely autobiographical, the novel concerns itself with Hannah, a biracial house slave educated by a white couple who lived on the outskirts of the plantation where she was born.’
    • ‘Most of all, people in biracial relationships sometimes receive hateful stares and racial slurs from strangers.’
    • ‘It is this massive boom in poultry that is largely responsible for changing the rural South from a biracial, agricultural culture to a globalized entrepot.’
    • ‘The remaining 9% were either Asian, biracial, or multiracial.’
    • ‘Even with the option of multiple racial choices on the census forms, Wardle suspects the numbers will represent an undercount of the biracial and multiracial population.’
    • ‘I view this new literary niche as a sort of biracial bunker, where it's safe to express yourself and feel your feelings after years - decades - of struggling to fit in.’
    • ‘‘I thought she was talking about the biracial aspect of my life,’ says Grove.’
    • ‘This leaves the Tracey character struggling not only with his residual prejudice but also with his fears for his only daughter's future happiness in a biracial marriage in racially charged America.’
    • ‘She claims that out of all her dolls, she feels the strongest affinity for Gabi, the Brazilian-American soccer player, who, like her, is biracial.’
    • ‘Indeed, by 1890, census officials stopped counting mixed-race people as a separate category, and the nation became officially biracial.’
    • ‘White candidates had to pay attention to them, either seeking their support in order to create biracial coalitions, or ostentatiously snubbing them in an effort to solidify the white vote.’
    • ‘For example, a biracial church of 100 members would need 50 members of each racial-ethnic group to achieve a diversity score of 1.’
    • ‘Yes, America makes anyone who is even partially black, black, but he seems to have found a black American identity some biracial people never grow completely comfortable with.’
    • ‘A 6-month-old, biracial boy named Michael was their first foster child.’
    • ‘Du Bois's images of a white-looking biracial girl demonstrate the arbitrary nature of visual racial classification.’
    • ‘Many Southern Democratic politicians have learned the trick of building biracial coalitions, which is why they aren't extinct.’
    • ‘We use the term multiracial to refer to those of all racial mixes, including biracial.’
    • ‘But, between 1968 and 1972, approximately 50,000 black and biracial children were adopted into white families.’
    • ‘Most of my Mom's family was biracial, so I was colorblind.’
    • ‘Black and white once defined the racial landscape of the American South, but multicultural and multiethnic rather than biracial now describe society in many southern places.’