Definition of bipolarity in English:



  • See bipolar

    • ‘His only supporters are the old media (eastern newspapers and the three TV networks), determined to elect him despite his bipolarity.’
    • ‘Since the end of bipolarity and the mergence of a unipolar international system, I personally believe that nonalignment should be what characterises American foreign policy.’
    • ‘The end of bipolarity after 1989 led to the generalization of the western economic and social paradigm all over the world.’
    • ‘The over-arching framework of bipolarity seemed to render other struggles and rivalries nothing more than local manifestations of the Cold War.’
    • ‘The bipolarity of the Cold War had gone, Russia should have been encouraged into the European structures and not structures like NATO built against it, and extended against it.’
    • ‘In fact, terrorism has today become a counter pole to this order, imposing what is increasingly appearing to be a new bipolarity.’
    • ‘The war on terrorism has been marked by a strange cultural bipolarity; the hemisphere of policy is a place of relentless tragedy, while the hemisphere of culture and communication stays sane by walling off the other hemisphere.’