Definition of bipod in English:



  • A two-legged stand or support.

    • ‘I unfolded the bipods of my new sniper rifle, set it in place, and aimed it right at the door.’
    • ‘‘We've got something new in virtually every category,’ Thompson said, from gun cases and bipods to hearing protection and knives.’
    • ‘We found the Versa-Pod to be more flexible than ‘fixed’ type bipods because its ability to pivot slightly enables the shooter to accommodate for irregularities in the ground.’
    • ‘The weapons - which have the barrel supported by a bipod - are a modified version of the standard-issue SA80 infantry rifle.’
    • ‘Many sporting rifles today are set up with bipods, like the excellent Harris models, and actually a front bipod can be used in place of the pedestal rest to a certain extent.’
    • ‘It had the folded bipods, and a sleek shiny black scope, and it had foldable butt.’
    • ‘Dealers can spur sales with ammunition, stocks, recoil pads, optics, slings, carrying cases, hearing and eye protection, range bags, shooting benches, bipods, targets and other accessories.’
    • ‘Air Force makes a whole host of add-on accessories including scopes, lights, lasers, bipods, night vision equipment and other sighting devices.’
    • ‘When on a bipod, or tripod, it has a more limited range of motion, because the operator would have to move their body to adjust the angle, this makes the transitions slower than they could be.’
    • ‘Then I opened up my bipods, stuck the barrel through, and got comfortable.’
    • ‘Each country has a .30 calibre machine gun with a bipod.’
    • ‘It also required a high-tension mount tripod that would allow the bulk of the weapon to swing freely, and not rip off its base, like a standard bipod would, and Thomas had one of those, as well.’
    • ‘For versatile hunting bipods, look to Stoney Point.’
    • ‘As with other bipods, check point of impact under the conditions you expect to encounter.’
    • ‘It has an integral bipod and the capability for tripod, helicopter or vehicle mounting.’
    • ‘After all, how many camera bipods have you seen?’
    • ‘These accessories include bipods, swivel and slings, gun cases, cleaning products, rangefinders, spotting scopes, knives, game calls, flashlights, gloves, hats, etc.’
    • ‘With bipod, optics and magazine, our system tips the scale at 15 3/4 pounds, not out of line when compared to other sniper rifles on the market.’
    • ‘If the game isn't aware you are present there is generally time to make preparations - to slip into a shooting sling, extend a bipod, find a tree or rock - to do whatever is needed to get steady.’
    • ‘Today, bipods are available in a variety of designs to fit any hunting style.’