Definition of bipedalism in English:



  • See bipedal

    • ‘An opposing camp argues that bipedalism is simply the most energy-efficient way for a hominid to get around on a flat surface.’
    • ‘Well, it is clear that bipedalism arose quite early in hominid history, even if no one can be certain, in the strictest genealogical sense, that the earliest hominid was an upright biped.’
    • ‘But bipedalism in birds is a highly specialized form of bipedal motion; the large tails of birds' ancestors, which in crocodilians still anchor the leg muscles, have mostly vanished in birds.’
    • ‘One of the pleasures of Stanford's book is its splendidly gossipy account of recent research into the early history of hominid bipedalism.’
    • ‘They concluded that movement by the protohominids into this novel dimension of behavior was importantly linked with the advent of bipedalism.’