Definition of biotype in English:



  • A group of organisms having an identical genetic constitution.

    • ‘The fact that the effect of iron was similar on El Tor and classical biotypes indicates that these two biotypes may have an identical iron uptake mechanism.’
    • ‘Although molecular marker-based identification is impractical for routine use, it could be useful for verifying the identity of troublesome biotypes with ambiguous or atypical morphology.’
    • ‘The different biotypes can only be identified by the feeding damage they cause to different varieties of sorghum or other species of plants.’
    • ‘Also, four breeding lines of winter barley and three feed barleys set to be released within the next few years show resistance to both aphid biotypes.’
    • ‘This aphid - including the new biotype - reproduces asexually, year-round.’
    • ‘In weed populations throughout the world, large populations of single weed species can contain a relatively small number of biotypes that have slight genetic differences from the rest of the population.’
    • ‘Baker says most sources of resistance to the first biotype have yet to be tested against the new biotype, but so far there are some strong candidates among the advanced breeding lines.’
    • ‘Correlation studies between the genomic classification and the biotypes led to identify phenotypic variants, which were progressively described as individual species or subspecies.’
    • ‘The common biotypes seen in this cohort of children were biotypes 4 and 3.’
    • ‘Marie O'Shea provides holistic therapies and spiritual healing, Master Chef Dolores Roberts deals with biotypes and nutrition.’
    • ‘In the interim the CBD Secretariat is using information supplied in national reports to begin to establish an ‘incident list’ on introductions of alien species and biotypes.’
    • ‘For example, what's been regarded as merely one species of beetle - with biotypes adapted to different areas - may actually be several different species.’
    • ‘But, a new biotype of western corn rootworm, which deposits its eggs in soybeans, is now capable of causing significant injury to first year corn following soybeans.’
    • ‘Thus, biotypes that rely on both mechanical and chemical defenses have more volatile chemical mixtures, while biotypes that depend solely on chemical protection have more complex and less volatile chemical combinations.’
    • ‘A monoecious form - that is, with both male and female flowers on the same plant - appeared in the mid-Atlantic states years after the dioecious biotype was found in Florida.’
    • ‘But there is a strain of rebellion in the Olympic spirit because, among its ranks of perfect biotypes, there are also eccentric minds and surprising bodies that enrich and expand on the history of sport.’
    • ‘Resistance also has been discovered within biotypes of the weeds marestail and ryegrass.’