Definition of bioturbation in English:



mass nounGeology
  • The disturbance of sedimentary deposits by living organisms.

    • ‘In the present article, we use high-resolution chemical and radiochemical data as the basis for a numerical simulation of sediment accumulation, bioturbation, and episodic deposition or erosion in a dynamic estuary.’
    • ‘Grey massive mudstone beds may also form as a result of rapid deposition by floods or of homogenization resulting from bioturbation by roots or animals.’
    • ‘The abrupt facies shift, bioturbation and cemented nature of the surfaces suggests that they represent marine flooding surfaces, formed during a rapid rise in relative sea level and/or a reduction in sediment supply.’
    • ‘In the broadest sense, any kind of sediment disturbance is bioturbation.’
    • ‘The random inclination of other concentrations of fragmentary specimens is indicative of post mortem disturbance due to bioturbation.’
    • ‘Rates of sediment accumulation, differential bioturbation and preservational processes may also have influenced the final diversity of fossils in the rocks.’


1960s: from bio- + Latin turbatio(n-), from turbare ‘disturb’.