Definition of biotherapy in English:



mass noun
  • The use of living organisms in the treatment of disease.

    • ‘Reports of the use of leeches in plastic surgery and maggots in dermatology raise the question of which other animals may be of benefit, a concept some call ‘biotherapy.’’
    • ‘Biotherapy is designed to repair, stimulate, or enhance your body’s own immune responses.’
    • ‘A feasibility study was conducted to establish the safety and, to some extent, the effectiveness of a new approach of perioperative adjuvant biotherapy in patients with resected cutaneous melanoma.’
    • ‘BresaGen, Ltd. is an Australian biotechnology company committed to the discovery and commercial development of innovative biotherapies.’
    • ‘The use of maggots is part of a larger category of medicine in which living organisms, like leeches or bees, are used as a direct part of treatment, a class of procedures known as biotherapy.’