Definition of bioterrorist in English:



  • See bioterrorism

    • ‘Obviously, then, the attack was a white-collar crime by one or more ‘white collar bioterrorist (s).’’
    • ‘This raises the worrying possibility that bioterrorists could use a similar approach to create devastating diseases without having to gain access to protected viral stocks.’
    • ‘But even without these changes bioterrorists could readily infect themselves with a lethal agent and start an epidemic by walking among us for example, in an airport.’
    • ‘Almost every area of life is a potential terrorist target - with scare stories about the threat of a smallpox outbreak, and bioterrorists infecting food supplies and water reservoirs.’
    • ‘What if a hijacked plane hit a nuclear power plant, what if bioterrorists infected burger bars, what if we were flooded with smallpox?’
    • ‘Criminals strike - be they serial killer, bank robber, or bioterrorist - and the FBI is seemingly helpless to track them down.’