Definition of biotecture in English:



mass noun
  • The use of living plants as an integral part of the design of buildings.

    • ‘The timing proved fortuitous: this was during the greatest habitat building boom in known history, and the demand for ecodesign and biotecture was immense.’
    • ‘Biotecture also extends to the use of shelterbelts and windbreaks to modify the climate around and within a dwelling without modifying the dwelling itself.’
    • ‘He was there to help Michael Reynolds—since the 1970s a guru of so-called biotecture—to build by hand a completely self-sufficient home out of discarded tires and packed earth.’
    • ‘The aim is to give people an 'instant' biotecture-type structure, which would otherwise take many years to grow.’
    • ‘German landscape architect, Rudolf Doernach, used pleaching and other techniques in what he broadly called "biotecture" or "agritecture."’


1980s: from bio- ‘of living organisms’ + a shortened form of architecture.