Definition of biotechnologist in English:



  • See biotechnology

    • ‘In the 1980s this was a pleasant seaside town where surfers, sailors and biotechnologists co-existed quite peacefully.’
    • ‘Russian biotechnologist Dr Slava Pavlovets founded Yorkshire Bioscience, in the York Science Park, earlier this year with the aim of developing kits to speed up the diagnosis of Sars and avian flu using DNA technology.’
    • ‘Two of the factors that have encouraged biotechnologists to enter the genetically engineered food and plant arena are the desire of consumers for better tasting foods and a preference for products grown using fewer pesticides.’
    • ‘With genetic engineering, biotechnologists take cells that were produced with normal reproduction methods and randomly insert foreign genetic material into them.’
    • ‘But by then, the biotechnologists will probably be growing spare limbs in the laboratory.’
    • ‘Since mapping the human genome three years ago, biotechnologists have raced to understand how genes react with diet to determine why some people develop osteoporosis, Alzheimer's, even cancer.’