Definition of biotech in English:



  • short for biotechnology
    • ‘To what extent is competitive pressure in our biotech age a problem in need of a solution?’
    • ‘The most positive aspect of this budget is that pharma and biotech have been placed at par with the IT industry.’
    • ‘Everyone working at a biotech has one eye on the exit, ready to bolt if things start to go bad.’
    • ‘He said opportunities were limited and the long life cycles required in biotech put off many funders.’
    • ‘Is it when the genetically engineered crop is delivered to the biotech manufacturing facility?’
    • ‘Environmental groups were delighted with the tone of the report, but the biotech industry was also supportive.’
    • ‘It raises many unanswered questions about new Labour, its link to the biotech industry and the safety of GM food.’
    • ‘I see a potential thriving robotics industry here, a software industry and a biotech.’
    • ‘But the uncertainties with tech stocks, they felt, would be likely to continue as would the growth of interest in biotech.’
    • ‘Chiron's vaccine troubles wouldn't be such a worry if its biotech drugs made up the slack.’
    • ‘More than 150 people from the biotech industry are in Johannesburg.’
    • ‘It has a terrific biotech and health-care industry and some other technology.’
    • ‘All three bodies had links with the biotech industry through the pursuit of commercial research contracts.’
    • ‘The importance of strong academic departments in the ongoing evolution of biotech cannot be stressed enough.’
    • ‘The false story line helps generate public support for the biotech political agenda.’
    • ‘Traditionally for the biotech industry, the paper questions whether people in the UK are really against GM.’
    • ‘It is true that the biotech industry is restructuring madly.’
    • ‘How much does he really need the biotech industry anyway?’