Definition of biosystematics in English:


plural noun

  • treated as singular Taxonomy based on the study of the genetic evolution of plant and animal populations.

    • ‘In essence, it is biosystematics, the science that provides indispensable information to support many fields of research and beneficial applied programs.’
    • ‘Uncertainties in history, archeology, biogeography, anthropology and biosystematics obscure the dates and places of the first domestication of cultivated crops.’
    • ‘Niwa has active programmes in biosystematics - the crucial science of naming, classifying, and describing life that underpins all biodiversity studies.’
    • ‘We use a collection of XML documents that mimics the characteristics of biosystematics documents, as we will explain.’
    • ‘As such, biosystematics has everything to do with the future of every Namibian.’
    • ‘This programme increases knowledge and understanding of the biosystematics of both floras by improving description of their taxonomy and phylogenetic relationships.’