Definition of biostratigraphical in English:



  • See biostratigraphy

    • ‘It is increasingly clear that major problems in testing the oceanic model rest in imprecisions of biostratigraphical correlation, particularly between different facies.’
    • ‘The local biostratigraphical ranges derived from the various sections have been combined into global ranges through graphic correlation, following the process described in more detail by MacLeod and Shaw.’
    • ‘Their position in the sections was considered as equivalent, judging from biostratigraphical data.’
    • ‘Throughout this paper the biozones are denoted using italics because they are considered to be biostratigraphical units, not chronostratigraphical or geochronological units as implied by some Jurassic workers.’
    • ‘However, short stratigraphical gaps and a locally developed cleavage reduce the amount of biostratigraphical information available from certain intervals.’
    • ‘Assigning numerical ages to biostratigraphical datum levels worldwide is a questionable practice because first and last appearances of species are often diachronous across latitudes.’