Definition of biorhythm in English:



  • 1A recurring cycle in the physiology or functioning of an organism, such as the daily cycle of sleeping and waking.

    • ‘Now, researchers say they have found a connection between diet and biorhythm that supports the theory.’
    • ‘The magnetic energy of our planet is responsible for the natural biorhythms of life.’
    • ‘When compared to men, the biorhythms alter frequently in women.’
    • ‘In this, you're entertained right along with your current state of biorhythms, which is frenzied.’
    • ‘Scientists designed software that can adjust for each pilot's nerve patterns, which can be affected by caffeine use, biorhythms, performance stress and the amount of fat under the skin.’
    • ‘In victims of SAD, winter's increased darkness seems to upset the delicate balance of biorhythms and brain chemicals that regulate everything from hunger and libido to body temperature and sleep.’
    • ‘This is a shame as the two chanteuse are highly compatible in all three primary biorhythm cycles.’
    • ‘Yet, it is increasingly common for people to override basic biorhythms and ignore the biological signals for sleep.’
    • ‘Then, because of age, injury, fatigue, biorhythms or some other NBA circumstance, things always seem to change for them.’
    • ‘It is suggested that herbal medicine might be effective for abnormal biorhythm because of the amounts of melatonin found in the crude drugs and Kampo medicines.’
    • ‘The idea is that each person's unique biorhythms, inner shifts and moods can be balanced by using plant extracts, medicinal foods and therapies suited to each internal season.’
    • ‘In the afternoon, your biorhythms take up arms against you.’
    • ‘A balanced and relaxed state after a period of stress and hard work sets a biorhythm that keeps your energy levels in top gear today.’
    • ‘The pineal gland is thought to be involved in the maintenance of daily and seasonal biorhythms as well as in the timing of reproduction.’
    • ‘Maybe my biorhythms are particularly well suited to the West Coast.’
    • ‘Her travelling sounds guaranteed to pitch even the sturdiest biorhythms into complete chaos.’
    • ‘We're moving to a twenty-five hour clock here, apparently, the better to suit both the human biorhythm and the metricised time-keeping systems.’
    • ‘Jet lag occurs, I learned, because changes in time zones confuse our internal body clock or our ‘circadian rhythms’; profound biorhythms which date back to Stone Age man.’
    • ‘Studies indicate that light regulation and control of biorhythms are functionally interrelated and possibly have a common evolutionary origin.’
    1. 1.1 A cyclic pattern of physical, emotional, or mental activity believed to occur in a person's life.
      ‘I found that the music suited my biorhythms’
      • ‘Both astrology and graphology, as well as biorhythms, have been widely used in Europe, in India, and in Asia for determining if applicants are suitable for certain positions.’
      • ‘Because all these biorhythms begin on the day of our birth, we can know our ups and downs ahead of time.’
      • ‘The theory of biorhythms is a pseudoscientific theory that claims our daily lives are significantly affected by rhythmic cycles overlooked by scientists who study biological rhythms.’
      • ‘They appear to be a group of men and women determined to pick up where they left off without much regard for any changes that might have happened in the interim to society or to their own biorhythms.’
      • ‘‘You can almost chart your biorhythms this way and decide at which times of the month you perform at your best,’ Wathen says.’
      • ‘By doing this, we end up aligning our own biorhythms with the universal rhythms.’
      • ‘Every team has a couple of Kreskins, decent hitters who seem to be on every pitch for a week or two when their personal Ouija boards line up with their biorhythms.’
      • ‘One afternoon at the café he handed me a biorhythm calculator he'd picked up somewhere and together we charted my potential good and bad days for the next month or so.’
      • ‘An expert in biorhythms tried unsuccessfully to predict accurately the sexes of the children in Bainbridge's study based on Bainbridge's data.’
      • ‘McClellan, of course, said he couldn't do this, because his biorhythms were off that day, and besides, Aquarius was close to an intersection with Capricorn.’
      • ‘People's biorhythms are the lowest at that time, and there's less chance of people going hostile, and there being a problem.’
      • ‘For example, there are very many people who do not fit the predicted patterns of biorhythm theory.’
      • ‘Actress Susan St. James, a fervid believer in biorhythms, once described on a television talk show how she had done this.’
      • ‘My biorhythms aren't looking too favourable at the moment.’
      • ‘Sometimes you get tired quicker, there's all sorts of biorhythms, all other factors that can help, but mental toughness I think it comes with the territory of training and preparation.’
      • ‘It couldn't be all about timing compatibility and biorhythms.’
      • ‘At the heart of this New Age spiritual psychology are a number of concepts vaguely reminiscent of biorhythms, numerology, astrology, tarot card reading, and Myers-Briggs personality inventories.’
      • ‘I even did a biorhythms check on that divination site that I like, and my results show that I am at the low point of both my intellectual and emotional rhythms, give or take a few days.’
      • ‘His biorhythms must be in a down cycle as nothing gets better, and Pluto shuffles from one situation to the next, always a few minutes too late.’
      • ‘We knew the planetary alignment would wreak havoc with our cosmic biorhythms.’