Definition of bioregional in English:



  • See bioregion

    • ‘As for the bioregional movement itself, there are now more than 200 self-proclaimed bioregional organisations in the United States, and several in Central America and Canada as well.’
    • ‘In the United States, it is easiest to think of watersheds as the defining bioregional unit - the Hudson Valley, for example, where I live, or the Potomoc estuary, or the Kansas River area.’
    • ‘Two years ago, I joined Ecotrust, an innovative nonprofit in Portland, Oregon, with the task of extending the rigorous pattern-language approach to the bioregional scale and social complexity of a conservation economy.’
    • ‘We urbanites can forget that bioregional peoples - living intimately with croplands, forests, fisheries, and grasslands - still make up half the planet's population.’
    • ‘But some natural processes like the migration of waterfowl are not confined to one particular region; a bioregional history of the Pacific Flyway would encompass much of the western half of North America.’