Definition of bioreactor in English:



  • An apparatus in which a biological reaction or process is carried out, especially on an industrial scale.

    • ‘Using a bioreactor, a device commonly used in laboratories on Earth but specially adapted for use in space, the team wants to investigate the factors that make human cells grow in three dimensions.’
    • ‘I normally use these parts for special prototypes of filters and bioreactors, and dedicated extracorporeal tubing sets.’
    • ‘They have done this by placing tissue cultures in rotating vessels called bioreactors where the centrifuge effect cancels out the force of gravity.’
    • ‘The project is designed to develop the chicken into a pharmaceutical bioreactor, one that can meet the growing need for protein-based human therapeutics.’
    • ‘The technology used in cloning goats could eventually be used not only to improve features of livestock but also to create genetically modified livestock as bioreactors for clinical medicines.’
    • ‘In addition, weeds tend to grow on open sand bioreactors which can become an eyesore, and provide a protected, moist place for animals to inhabit.’
    • ‘This is an important fail-safe feature of sand bioreactors that acts to protect the receiving environment from poorly treated wastewater.’
    • ‘After about 48 hours, the researchers empty the bioreactors and process and freeze the yeasts for field tests.’
    • ‘Moreover, the cell can be seen as a small bioreactor in which the mitochondria, the centres of respiration, ‘live’ in a natural and physiologically optimal environment.’
    • ‘A membrane bioreactor consists of some biological item or items in association with a membrane.’
    • ‘To get around this problem, the researchers turned to a system with two separate bioreactors, one to process the food scraps and the other to turn the resulting acids into plastics.’
    • ‘In fact, what will occur is the small-scale stuff with conditions around it in the field of ‘biopharming’, biotechnology, and bioreactors, etc.’
    • ‘A bioreactor is a key element of cardiovascular tissue engineering technologies.’
    • ‘The sand bioreactors described in this bulletin are intended for domestic sewage following primary treatment.’
    • ‘We are attempting to scale up and to introduce nutrients by creating a special bioreactor to have live in cells in good bulk to be able to do first animal experiments and then human clinical trials.’
    • ‘These cells cannot swim, so when grown in bioreactors, they must be supplied with nutrients and dissolved gases through constant mixing.’
    • ‘Sand bioreactors by themselves do not filter out disease causing organisms.’
    • ‘Bringing air into the bottom of the bioreactor promotes aerobic conditions.’
    • ‘In addition, important advances have been made in recent years in the application of large-scale bioreactors that can produce somatic embryos in liquid media.’
    • ‘In these areas, they're using both tissue culture flasks and custom made bioreactors to simulate, on a small-scale, how cells will behave in the human body.’