Definition of biopsychology in English:



mass noun
  • The branch of psychology concerned with its biological and physiological aspects.

    • ‘He utilized psychophysiological methods to address a variety of theoretical issues that bridge the gap between social psychology and biopsychology.’
    • ‘That is precisely what I did; I applied to several places all of which were searching for behavioral neuroscience, biopsychology, psychobiology types; only one was searching for an evolutionary psychologist.’
    • ‘Their expertise span from biopsychology to clinical psychology, from cognitive psychology to professional ethics and standards, and from perception and psychophysics to industrial psychology.’
    • ‘A truly modern, interdisciplinary theory of decision making could explain these findings with a traditional cost/benefit model that incorporates existing knowledge in biopsychology.’
    • ‘This year's featured core areas include personality, cognition and perception, health and behavioral medicine, animal and human biopsychology, and applied psychology.’
    • ‘The field of biopsychology did emerge and the widely held view that psychological functioning was too complex to have its roots in chemistry and physiology of the brain was discredited.’
    • ‘‘The field of physiological or biopsychology typically looks at how biology causes changes in behavior,’ she adds.’
    • ‘He called it biopsychology and explained that by doing specific postures (while following a yoga diet and meditating) a person could help bring into balance agitated states of mind such as anger, shyness, fear, jealousy etc.’