Definition of biopsychological in English:



  • See biopsychology

    • ‘On the one hand, the nonverbal behavior must be effective in and capable of attracting the potential partner, and on the other hand, it must foster the processes of synchronizing mutual biopsychological rhythms.’
    • ‘At the workshop, seasoned EKU psychology faculty will cover strategies for teaching the major domains of psychology - developmental, biopsychological, sociocultural and methods.’
    • ‘The standards are organized into five content domains: methods of research, biopsychological, cognitive, developmental and sociocultural.’
    • ‘However, we need the freedom and expertise to develop integrative biopsychological models to inform our thinking and practice, even our psychotherapy.’
    • ‘The national standards, developed by an APA task force in 1999, serve as a road map to teaching introductory high school psychology in five domains - methods, biopsychological, developmental, cognitive and sociocultural.’
    • ‘The intrapersonal domain includes biopsychological affective variables such as impulsivity and emotional instability.’