Definition of biopic in English:



  • A biographical film.

    • ‘I hate the montage approach many biopics take, and boy, do they use it to no end here.’
    • ‘The lives of the great and gifted have always been fair game for movie biopics.’
    • ‘As so often is the case in musical biopics, the available historical facts are subsumed by the narrative exigencies of the genre.’
    • ‘It's the sort of bell-curve narrative that's become all too common in Hollywood biopics.’
    • ‘I'm sure that Universal wanted to protect some of their investment in the film; lighthearted comedies are more marketable than trashy, weepy biopics.’
    • ‘In the film's defense, I will say that most biopics stretch facts to maximize dramatic impact.’
    • ‘Fact and fiction are welded so that the genre of the biopic has no meaning in the canons of joined-up cinema.’
    • ‘Most political biopics depict the personal life of the main figure while flattening out the historical details in order to make them more understandable, or palatable.’
    • ‘In the traditional gendered hierarchy of film genres, crime thrillers, biopics, historical dramas and gangster films are more prestigious than teen film, romantic comedy, contemporary melodrama and broad comedy.’
    • ‘Although it is quite common in film biopics for characters to be played by more then one actor, it is extremely rare for them to change sex or race.’
    • ‘The biopic is the actor's opportunity to shine - to blend with his character, melt into the role.’
    • ‘The scope of their tales defies reasonable dramatic rhythms, so biopics all too often achieve the dubious and counter-intuitive effect of being simultaneously too long and too brief.’
    • ‘But with the frenzy of sequels, prequels, remakes and biopics being shovelled out by Hollywood, it comes as no surprise that relying on an existing popular story is the path of least resistance.’
    • ‘Ross doesn't resort to the dumbing-down tactics favored by Hollywood in biopics.’
    • ‘These two have been working together since they were college roommates at USC Film School, and they really wanted to make an over the top comedy after doing biopics.’
    • ‘Historical accuracy was never a stock in trade of the biographical films - biopics - produced by the American and British film industries.’
    • ‘There is a delightful comedy in the Oscar mix and three period biopics that reach for triumph in the face of adversity.’
    • ‘She is well qualified for the role, having already starred in the ABC-TV biopic The Audrey Hepburn Story.’
    • ‘This is a common trick of biopics or fictionalisations of actual events in order to give the audience a little insight in what happened to the real people on display after events depicted in the film end.’
    • ‘Character building biopics have a formula, which has Made In Hollywood stamped all over them.’