Definition of biophysics in English:


plural noun

  • treated as singular The science of the application of the laws of physics to biological phenomena.

    • ‘He earned academic degrees in physics, biophysics, and nuclear medicine from UCLA.’
    • ‘The analysis of kinetic signals in terms of exponential processes is pervasive, with numerous applications found in physics, chemistry, biophysics, and medicine.’
    • ‘Over the past few years, the fields of membrane biology and biophysics have focused on the role lipids play in membrane organization.’
    • ‘They are the departments of biochemistry, biophysics and molecular biology and natural resources and environmental management.’
    • ‘This article addresses physical processes in the viral life cycle through a quantitative framework based on insights from structural biology, single molecule biophysics, electron microscopy, and solution biochemistry.’
    • ‘It therefore represents a concerted effort of scientists from biophysics, biochemistry, physical chemistry, and bioengineering.’
    • ‘His work utilizes techniques from membrane biophysics and cell and molecular biology.’
    • ‘The Consortium consists of more than 40 researchers from all walks of scientific life - cell biology, chemistry, biophysics, genomics, bioinformatics and genetics.’
    • ‘An example is provided by molecular biophysics that reduces biological phenomena to a set of algorithms forming a consistent whole into which a biomolecular assembly can fit.’
    • ‘Single-molecule biophysics is slowly revolutionizing cell biology by uncovering important information regarding protein function that cannot be obtained from standard bulk experiments.’
    • ‘The associate professor in biochemistry, biophysics, and molecular biology takes pride in presenting classes with new information that had not been published the previous year.’
    • ‘The course provides training and hands-on experience in experimental design and data analysis, and will also cover some of the necessary background in physics, biology and biophysics.’
    • ‘Besides vascular biology and biophysics, the methodology developed here may find broader application in other biological and nonbiological areas.’
    • ‘Actually, my interest in physics was biophysics, so it's not as big a change as it sounds.’
    • ‘Advances in directed evolution and membrane biophysics make the synthesis of simple living cells, if not yet foreseeable reality, an imaginable goal.’
    • ‘He held chairs at Berkeley in both mathematics and biophysics being promoted to full professor in 1966.’
    • ‘One of Greenlee's collaborators is Janice Buss, an associate professor of biochemistry, biophysics and molecular biology.’
    • ‘The MIR research fits into a broader area of expertise that Los Alamos National Laboratory maintains in the field of complex systems modeling in general, and modeling in theoretical biology and biophysics in particular.’
    • ‘Determining how a protein folds to a stable native structure is a problem of great importance in biophysics, molecular biology, and medicine.’
    • ‘He states that these findings have relevance for many areas: materials science, polymer chemistry, biophysics, protein biochemistry, and hematology.’