Definition of biophysicist in English:



  • See biophysics

    • ‘A biophysicist deals with the biophysical aspects of these claims, some widely known, some specific to the Czech Republic.’
    • ‘The Consortium will be truly multifaceted - consisting of biologists, chemists, biophysicists, optical physicists, mathematicians, computer scientists, geneticists and engineers.’
    • ‘The elucidation of this subject is thus one of the current aims of both theoretical and experimental biophysicists as a preliminary but essential step for the total understanding of the biological functions.’
    • ‘In the same article a local chemist speculated that the site was already leaching radium and a biophysicist called the ground at the site, located on a fault line, ‘very unstable.’’
    • ‘To understand what makes cells simultaneously stiff and oozy - or viscoelastic - biophysicists have mostly relied on large-scale measurements.’