Definition of bionomics in English:


plural noun

  • treated as singular The study of the mode of life of organisms in their natural habitat and their adaptations to their surroundings; ecology.

    • ‘She expressed her perspective on various technolibertarian camps and fascinations including bionomics, cypherpunks, Wired Magazine, and the lack of charitable contributions by the nouveau riche of the cyberculture.’
    • ‘Later he uses the term ‘bionomics’ to capture the idea of the wear and tear and friction within a military system.’
    • ‘Bionomicswas conceived as an answer to the prevalence and high costs of work related sprain/strain type injuries.’
    • ‘Where the free market philosophy of bionomics fails to value the unprofitable aspects of art and culture, she finds nerds resentful of artists and irrational behaviors they cannot understand.’
    • ‘Mosquito abundance and bionomics were studied intensively during summer and spring at two residential communities of contrasting economic status.’


Late 19th century: from bio- ‘life’, on the pattern of economics.