Definition of bionomic in English:



  • See bionomics

    • ‘Bionomic algorithms already proved to be an effective framework for finding good solutions to combinatorial optimization problems, when good local optimization algorithms are available.’
    • ‘By this substitution of a sure job for a possible masterpiece, military science made a deliberate sacrifice of capacity in order to reduce the uncertain element, the bionomic (read biological) factor.’
    • ‘In each case, the existence of feasible bionomic equilibrium points and that of partially feasible bionomic equilibrium points are considered separately.’
    • ‘We conducted taxonomic and bionomicstudies on the chironomid midges emerging from and around the sewage treatment plant of Kurobe City (Kurobe Joka Center).’
    • ‘There is no point in fighting it - it's natural, it's bionomic.’