Definition of bionically in English:



  • See bionic

    • ‘His newest creation is a genetically enhanced, bionically augmented bandicoot named Crunch whose sole purpose is to destroy Crash, but Cortex needs additional power sources to complete its construction.’
    • ‘Yeah, we've been rubbish at updates, but we're back now and the NoiseMonkey staff have been bionically improved by broadband.’
    • ‘From our point of view, the latter approach enables the development of bionically inspired products in shorter time, whereas the former approach has the potential to yield greater steps in innovation.’
    • ‘In ‘Run’ for example, a young man and woman are sprinting, rather bionically, down an empty school hallway lined with lockers.’
    • ‘These mechanically-enhanced gifts included super-speed from a pair of bionic legs, an extremely strong bionic right arm, and super hearing via a bionically-enhanced ear.’