Definition of biomorphic in English:



  • See biomorph

    • ‘These boards are in turn supported by playful, biomorphic iron stands that give a sculptura form (at least when viewed from the rear) to the otherwise two-dimensional, photo-derived objects.’
    • ‘His elegant, biomorphic sculptural shapes are recognizable at first as found objects: bones, husks, driftwood.’
    • ‘In other words, the works all draw inspiration from nature and biomorphic shapes, representing a widespread artistic convention of the World War II and post-war period.’
    • ‘The message these award-winning elasticated biomorphic globules and tumbling-dice skull shapes bring (in bone-grey against simmering orange) is not one of joy or satisfaction, but rather one of anguish.’
    • ‘One can encounter a monstrous biomorphic creature that would seem more at home in a surrealist painting (or a work by Francis Bacon) than in an adventure game.’