Definition of biomorph in English:



  • 1A decorative form or object based on or resembling a living organism.

    • ‘Working mostly with polyester resin, he has created a series of crypto-functional biomorphs that thrive on category confusion: you're as likely to wonder what they do as what they mean.’
    • ‘Favoured motifs include the stylized biomorphs, such as the cat demon, and bodiless heads.’
    • ‘A green crenellated line bisecting one half of a window is echoed in the other half by a vertical chain of red biomorphs outlined in yellow.’
    • ‘The shadow inside an ear or a loop of hair becomes a biomorph.’
    1. 1.1 A graphical representation of an organism generated on a computer, used to model evolution.
      • ‘For example, Oxford zoologist Richard Dawkins, in his 1986 book The Blind Watchmaker, describes his fascination with ‘biomorphs’ - simple computerized two-dimensional branching patterns that seem to evolve right in front of his eyes.’
      • ‘The top-left biomorph is the parent and the other eleven are its children (differing by one randomly selected gene).’
      • ‘The biomorphs start out as tree-like shapes, whose physical conformation is determined by 9 different genes, affecting things like the length and angle of branches, the colour, etc.’
      • ‘Each biomorph is constituted of 9 genes.’
      • ‘To get an idea of how the biomorph is changing, imagine that there is a knob associated with each of the eight genes comprising the biomorph's genome.’