Definition of biomimetic in English:



  • Relating to or denoting synthetic methods which mimic biochemical processes.

    • ‘Availability of the complete primary sequence of several plaque-derived proteins has inspired attempts to produce complete or partial biomimetic analogs.’
    • ‘The highly interdisciplinary nature of biomimetic work makes it difficult for a single research group to be successful unless its expertise truly spans multiple scientific disciplines.’
    • ‘Against this backdrop, it is easy to see why several funding agencies have expanded the area of research in biomimetics - in particular, biomimetic electromagnetic sensing.’
    • ‘Active biomimetic systems as pursued in the new research network have many possible applications as drug delivery systems, molecular sorting devices, diagnostic tools for cell screening, or scaffolds for tissue engineering.’
    • ‘Many techniques that imitate nature - collectively known as biomimetic technologies - are prohibitively expensive.’
    • ‘In addition to shedding light on an age-old riddle involving a plant Charles Darwin called ‘one of the most wonderful in the world,’ the discovery has implications for biomimetic systems.’
    • ‘Given that a mussel's ability to attach to a variety of surfaces underwater begs imitation, an inspired biomimetic line of research would require knowing which proteins and modifications contribute directly to adhesion and how.’
    • ‘Polymers play an important role in many biological systems, so a fundamental understanding of their cross-links is crucial not only for the development of medicines but also for the development of biomimetic materials.’
    • ‘These results are in agreement with those observed in biomimetic systems.’
    • ‘This concentration effect was also observed in biomimetic systems.’
    • ‘The ability to use the electric field to control the membrane structure opens new opportunities for biomimetic research.’
    • ‘Having tried to design nanosystems for almost a decade, he recently turned to biomimetic principles (mimicking nature) with promising results.’