Definition of biometeorology in English:



mass noun
  • The study of the relationship between living organisms and weather.

    • ‘Though preliminary, scientific studies back up the notion that weather affects your health, says a biometeorology professor at Utah State University in Logan.’
    • ‘Pollen flight, hypersensitivity to changes in the weather, UV-radiation and also the bioclimate and air quality are just some of the aspects of human biometeorology.’
    • ‘He received a doctorate in biometeorology from Leeds University in 1981 and it was during his study there that he met Mandy, whom he married at a ceremony at St James's Church, Hebden Bridge, in 1980.’
    • Biometeorology is a scientific branch, which can be seen as the link between meteorology, biology and medical sciences.’
    • ‘Biometeorology is the interdisciplinary study of increasing importance as correlations are being drawn between certain types of meteorological conditions and the health of plants, humans, and all other animals.’