Definition of biomechanist in English:



  • See biomechanics

    • ‘The group included two MSc students from Loughborough, one a biomechanist, the other an exercise physiologist.’
    • ‘We need a biomechanist, a physiologist, a psychologist, a nutritionist and a physiotherapist.’
    • ‘That remarkable property is a huge convenience for engineers and biomechanists, making it possible to study objects moving at practical speeds simply by varying the viscosity of the surrounding fluid.’
    • ‘However, research being conducted by a team of clinicians, physiologists, and biomechanists at the unit has revealed some startling new data on how the body deals with the stresses of running.’
    • ‘The assistance of a biomechanist or a coach well-educated in biomechanics could be important in this phase of the swimmer's preparation.’