Definition of biomathematics in English:


plural noun

  • treated as singular The science of the application of mathematics to biology.

    • ‘Critical of science's objectification of nature, Smith constructs mechanized assemblages whose structural workings derive from natural laws and principles, such as chaos theory, fractal geometry and biomathematics.’
    • ‘This book on modelling and simulation in biomathematics will be invaluable to researchers who are interested in the emerging areas of the field.’
    • ‘Most programs training graduate students in biomathematics tend to slight either biology or mathematics.’
    • ‘The scope of the symposium: To present to a wide audience research that relates to Kjartan Magnússon's main interests within biomathematics.’
    • ‘Karl Sigmund, Professor of Mathematics at the University of Vienna, is known for his work on biomathematics and game theory.’
    • ‘At the time of his death he was professor of biomathematics at the University of Colorado.’
    • ‘Their main research interests are in probability theory, partial differential equations and biomathematics.’
    • ‘We intend to use parameter estimation techniques for these biomathematics problems.’