Definition of biomagnetism in English:



mass noun
  • The interaction of living organisms with magnetic fields.

    • ‘In the last part of his life he studied biomagnetism and dowsing which reduced his standing in the eyes of many of his colleagues.’
    • ‘As we shall see, both of these have a close affinity with the principles of biomagnetism.’
    • ‘Click on the above for other options relating to this Magnetic shielding apparatus and biomagnetism measuring device patent application.’
    • ‘Professor Vieth's distinguished career in biomagnetism began in January 1987, when a BTi single-channel recording system was installed.’
    • ‘Major events in biomagnetism attended by many members of this group are the Biomag conference held every two years (next meeting is Biomag 2008 in Sapporo) and Human Brain Mapping (next is HBM 2007 in Chicago in June).’