Definition of biologistic in English:



  • See biologism

    • ‘Harris argues for ‘the need to distinguish among ‘individual’, ‘self’ and ‘person’ as biologistic, psychologistic and sociologistic modes of conceptualising human beings.’
    • ‘In the nineteenth-century novel, when eugenic and biologistic ideologies are in place, this curative function operates within a specifically medicalized, somatized framework.’
    • ‘In Helga, she creates a self-referential Melanctha of the twenties who at moments openly mocks the very biologistic literary tradition that has produced her.’
    • ‘As Nina rightly says, there is nothing natural, but nevertheless there are biotic defaults, and there is nothing more biologistic than poking bits of yourself into holes or rubbing bits of yourself until they are sick.’
    • ‘That very lack of engagement enables a popularising of biologistic discourse that deserves more informed criticism.’