Definition of biologically in English:



  • 1In a way that concerns biology or living organisms.

    ‘the world's most biologically diverse ecosystems’
    • ‘Undesirable vegetation in a pond can be controlled mechanically, biologically, or chemically.’
    • ‘The objective is to enable our forces to survive, fight, and win in a chemically or biologically contaminated warfare environment.’
    • ‘Organic farms are typically more biologically diverse than conventional operations.’
    • ‘Complete cutaneous wound healing involves a biologically complex two-year process of cellular regeneration and repair.’
    • ‘Food producers claim that their biologically engineered products are unique when they seek to patent them.’
    • ‘He plants cover crops, some to scavenge nutrients, others to biologically fix nitrogen.’
    • ‘Biologically based integrated weed management is the basis of our programs.’
    • ‘This discovery encouraged chemists to explore the molecular structures of biologically active chemicals.’
    • ‘Few biomimetic results have proved as exciting as the recent successes in biologically derived silica and silica polymerization.’
    • ‘Ultraviolet radiation is able to damage DNA and other biologically important molecules through direct absorption.’
  • 2In an inherited or innate way.

    ‘biologically rooted instincts’
    • ‘We believe this "cycle of success" is biologically programmed.’
    • ‘Under their racial theories, an individual's ethnicity was determined biologically not behaviorally.’
    • ‘The impact of success and failure on mood state is a universal phenomenon, which appears to be biologically based.’
    • ‘It is the first hard evidence that men are biologically prepared for fatherhood.’
    • ‘The social rank systems, which motivate people to seek relief or to achieve, are biologically based.’
    • ‘Formal operational tasks should, like reading, be regarded as biologically secondary abilities.’
    • ‘Most of our official family is not related biologically.’
    • ‘Biologically, we are not constructed to deal with ubiquitous fast-food outlets that offer to supersize everything.’
    • ‘Anytime you link a murderer to his family, biologically, you start to beg a lot of questions.’
    • ‘It's entirely possible that women are biologically primed to be highly sensitive to relationships.’