Definition of bioinformatics in English:


plural noun

  • treated as singular The science of collecting and analysing complex biological data such as genetic codes.

    • ‘Specifically, I'm a biologist with a strong background in biochemistry, materials science and bioinformatics.’
    • ‘The Engineering and Medicine streams were getting saturated, while the future belonged to fields like biotechnology and bioinformatics.’
    • ‘For example, evolution is fundamental to genomics and bioinformatics, new fields which hold the promise of great medical discoveries.’
    • ‘Driven by chemistry, the process of drug research and discovery is increasingly led in the post-genomic era by advances in biotechnology and bioinformatics.’
    • ‘Many cite the university's strengths in veterinary medicine, bioinformatics and plant sciences as their draw to this campus.’
    • ‘It's only natural that in areas of breaking science, such as bioinformatics, we should see a shortfall in knowledge and skills among new chemistry graduates.’
    • ‘Niaid also recently awarded two contracts to support research in a key area of systems biology, bioinformatics.’
    • ‘The faculty of science also offers bioinformatics.’
    • ‘New areas include tissue engineering, telemedicine and bioinformatics - the technology of the genomic revolution.’
    • ‘With the unprecedented growth of bioinformatics and comparative genomics, state of the art technologies are essential to utilize the vast gene pools sitting in the databases.’
    • ‘Also, Japan's national budget for this year covers new research centers for nanotechnology, bioinformatics, genetic research and protein structure data.’
    • ‘Thus we are pursuing a variety of projects in computational biology and bioinformatics, with physicists often playing a starring role.’
    • ‘We provide rapid access to the best knowledge in the traditional agricultural sciences as well as in newer fields like bioinformatics, genomics, and proteomics.’
    • ‘We believe Scotland has excellent potential in biotechnology, bioinformatics, microelectronics and photonics, and Boston is at the centre of these areas on the east coast.’
    • ‘They focus on the IT division of Life Science (computational biology, bioinformatics, bioIT).’
    • ‘The future of biology is strongly bound up with bioinformatics: that is, the field of research that collects biological data of all kinds, and tries to make sense of the data as a whole, and to make predictions.’
    • ‘The agricultural world is also adopting various approaches in genomics and bioinformatics in attempts to understand complex traits.’
    • ‘Those areas are polymer research, horticultural biotechnology, transport mechanics and bioinformatics, according to Franklin.’
    • ‘Wendel also coordinates training programs for the center, so graduate students and postdoctoral fellows can learn more about plant genomics and bioinformatics.’
    • ‘The huge demand for analysis and interpretation of these data is being managed by the evolving science of bioinformatics.’