Definition of biohazard in English:



  • A risk to human health or the environment arising from biological work, especially with microorganisms.

    • ‘For example, roof air intakes may be more difficult to reach than street-level intakes, but they are not intruder-proof either and must be guarded or secured against biohazards.’
    • ‘It's possible that, by linking the chip with analysis equipment, a user could identify medical ailments, monitor a patient's health, or even detect viruses or other biohazards before they spread.’
    • ‘Second, the act bars access to or possession of biohazards by what are termed ‘restricted persons.’’
    • ‘Though the threat of some biohazards receded for workers in health-care and other human services, the threat of others, such as hepatitis B virus, grew.’
    • ‘One, whose manifest is labeled ‘oil field equipment,’ is leaking - a potential biohazard.’
    • ‘Some applications of automatic face recognition systems are relatively unobjectionable; for example to regulate access to weapons, money, criminal evidence, nuclear materials, or biohazards.’
    • ‘The claim that ground beef is a biohazard is bolstered with frightening tales of E. coli.’
    • ‘That was at least until his wife came home, but maybe he hoped, because of the biohazard drill she would be late coming home tonight.’
    • ‘A biohazard warning reminding personnel that blood and body fluids are potentially infectious was placed near the soap dispenser at each scrub sink.’
    • ‘The farmers that come to depend upon them for gene enhanced seeds or pesticides use computers, handle biohazards and touch the land as little as possible (it's too toxic).’
    • ‘There are two major concerns for potential risks of biohazards from GMOs.’
    • ‘‘We do not yet have the technology that will detect biohazards quickly,’ says Medhat O'Kelly, senior supervising engineer for Parsons Brinckerhoff.’
    • ‘Curtains that can prevent flying glass shards from injuring people, and new sensors for detecting biohazards activity are among the newest developments.’
    • ‘When this book came out, most reviewers noted the inside tips for New York eaters - never order fish on a Monday, never order seafood anything at brunch, and never touch hollandaise sauce - a ‘veritable petri dish of biohazards.’’
    • ‘But he says, ‘We've done some pretty significant work ‘with clients in handling biohazards and preparing for biohazards incidents.’’
    • ‘The device, about the size of a home smoke detector, may be used to detect biohazards, such as anthrax.’
    • ‘This denaturation results in a sample that is no longer a biohazard.’
    • ‘After vaccination, the skin should be wiped with dry sterile gauze, which is then put into a biohazard waste container.’
    • ‘Both factual and fictional texts contribute to our knowledge of risks surrounding cellphone use as a biohazard that is a threat to individual bodies and to the social body.’
    • ‘I should have grabbed the video camera to record D. and M.L. discarding potential biohazards in the long-neglected pantry.’