Definition of biographee in English:



  • A person who is the subject of a biography.

    • ‘For instance, one researcher has computed that 48 of the biographees cited their affiliation with Barnard College - probably a higher number than any other college.’
    • ‘He has been a biographee of Canadian Who's Who since 1995, a biographee of Marquis Who's Who in America since 2000, and a biographee of Marquis Who's Who in American Education 2004.’
    • ‘We have also learned that many of the featured biographees order personal copies to keep as a cherished record of their accomplishments.’
    • ‘Who Was Who contains details of over 100,000 deceased biographees and dates back over 100 years to 1897 and is no longer available to purchase in print in full.’
    • ‘Updates for existing biographees will not be accepted via this web site.’
    • ‘Schuster segues into the novelist's conceit of placing herself into the subjective space of her biographees and this is both unconvincing and irritating.’
    • ‘If we want to read biography, however, we will decide which one to read on the basis of the specific biographee (and his/her gender, profession, time period, etc.) not on the basis of the genre itself.’
    • ‘Parker's Index is obviously in another tradition - it provides an entry into existing records by indexing the biographees.’
    • ‘Over 70 genealogical charts precede the alphabetical listing of biographees.’
    • ‘This publication is issued at irregular intervals; the biographees themselves supplied the information.’
    • ‘The unsigned essays are 2-5 pages long and usually include a small portrait photograph of the biographee and a brief bibliography at the end of the text.’
    • ‘The honour enjoyed by our biographees is rare and unique and those listed in our books have very definitely earned the right to be there.’
    • ‘The last index lists biographees by the fields of endeavor in which they are active, using subjects and combinations of subjects as headings.’
    • ‘They may be able to point to certain activities performed by the biographees in Who's Who.’
    • ‘Respecting the confidentiality of our biographees is always at the forefront of our employees’ thoughts and is our overall company philosophy.’
    • ‘As the first electrical engineer from Alberta, Norman Beaulieu has been selected as a biographee for the 2006-2007 edition to be released in September 2006.’
    • ‘For individual biography, the cataloger lists the name of the biographee as the first subject heading.’
    • ‘Because many of the biographees had more than one occupation or achieved fame in several areas, they are found under several rubrics.’
    • ‘The Genre field contains the genre and/or the subjects on which the biographee wrote.’
    • ‘And if the lepidopteran Scott has proved a difficult biographee to net, the even more fluttery Zelda is yet trickier to cabin and pin down.’