Definition of biogeochemistry in English:



  • See biogeochemical

    • ‘Chapter Twelve, by Phillipe Van Cappellen discusses global biogeochemical cycles; as the author says, the chapter introduces concepts of these cycles and concludes with a discussion of the carbon cycle, central to biogeochemistry.’
    • ‘Because interactions of hydrology, geomorphology, and biology greatly complicate nitrogen cycling in estuaries, a complete understanding of the biogeochemistry of nitrogen in estuaries is lacking.’
    • ‘Up front, the authors acknowledge the importance of ‘the emergence of biogeochemistry,’ taking this to indicate that distinctions are ‘melting away’ between biological, chemical, and earth sciences.’
    • ‘Fine roots are an important source and sink for nutrients in terrestrial biogeochemistry.’
    • ‘It is biogeochemistry that lends substance to the hypothesis that Ediacaran and Cambrian faunas are separated by mass extinction.’