Definition of biog in English:



  • A biography.

    • ‘Mark Goodier, its original presenter, listed in his biog at the time that his favourite artist was Prince.’
    • ‘I did try to persuade the publisher to do it as a biog not an auto-biog, so that I could present a three-dimensional portrait, mostly in his voice, but also hear from his parents, friends, ex-wife, therapists talking abut him.’
    • ‘In her press biog it is reported that she is soon to head off for ‘a life of jazz hands and leg-warmers’ at the Royal Academy of Music, in London.’
    • ‘They all have impressive biogs and all in all it's terribly intimidating.’
    • ‘I've just checked his biog and it mentions he likes 80's bands.’
    • ‘According to the Howard biog on the Tory website.’
    • ‘Vaknin (see his biog at the end of his article) seems tolerably well qualified to be writing about this sort of thing.’
    • ‘Then we wrote to the studio, who were the ones paying for the site, saying we didn't want to show any biogs, trailers, or cast.’
    • ‘So, don't be shy, send them your CD's, tapes and biogs.’
    • ‘There's no time for a biog here, but suffice to say my longstanding admiration for the deliriously violent punch of her writing, often despite myself, was why I found myself here on the day.’
    • ‘His biog reveals a ‘respectable’ classics degree and an MBA, but nothing that would get his name in a peer reviewed academic journal and certainly nothing to qualify him to lead a serious research project looking at climate change.’
    • ‘The author biog at reveals that Danielewski is a pupil of Harold Bloom, and I can believe it.’
    • ‘After so many showbiz biogs that read like the minutes of meetings of the Mutual Admiration Society, Bob Monkhouse upped the bar considerably with his deliciously bitchy memoirs and Bruce Forsyth and Freddie Starr tried hard to match him.’
    • ‘For anyone too young to have seen Socrates play, a brief biog.’
    • ‘I was unable to resist the biog in the bookshop, an author who must have had a wonderful job, since huge quantities of her letters and those of her circle survive.’
    • ‘But when so many showbiz biogs are all fluff and puff, his remarkable tale deserves a wider audience.’
    • ‘For example, there's a guy I know who used to have a mention in his biog that he studied in Vienna.’
    • ‘I've haven't read many biogs that have such a deeply intimate feel; if you ever get a chance to read it, you really will walk away feeling you know this person better than you'd have ever imagined, warts and all.’
    • ‘From the biog in the 1954 Penguin edition of Oscar Wilde's Lord Arthur Savile's Crime.’
    • ‘They're sending male and female biogs on alternating days, but since I heard somewhere it is still only about 15% female, aren't they going to run out?’