Definition of bioethanol in English:



mass noun
  • Ethanol produced from plants such as sugar cane or maize, used as an alternative to petrol.

    • ‘Duty on bio-ethanol, a petrol substitute made from crops, will be reduced by 20p a litre from January 1 2005.’
    • ‘The amount of raw material to make bioethanol or biofuel keep increasing day by day.’
    • ‘One tonne of dried waste can yield around 400 litres of bioethanol.’
    • ‘The demand for bioethanol could have a huge impact on the grain market.’
    • ‘Elsewhere there's excitable talk of hydrogen, bioethanol, fuel cells, hybrids.’
    • ‘The perfect burning is due to octane number bioethanol is higher than gasoline.’
    • ‘In addition, bioethanol is not a new stuff for Indonesians.’
    • ‘This plant will produce up to 70 million litres of bioethanol each year when it is up and running.’
    • ‘With all the advantages stated above, the use of bioethanol seems more pressing.’
    • ‘As well as conventional petrol it can run on bioethanol, methanol or any combination of the three.’
    • ‘So biofuels, including bioethanol from sugar beet, could help to reduce our dependency on oil.’
    • ‘An electronic device that claims to allow petrol cars to run on 100% bioethanol could speed the introduction of biofuels on forecourts.’
    • ‘The rejoicing thing is that bioethanol for fuel is duty free.’
    • ‘There are two types of biofuel: biodiesel made from plant oils and bioethanol made by fermenting grains.’
    • ‘Biodiesel is arguably the more environmentally friendly alternative to bioethanol, providing for comparatively more efficient cleaner engines than ethanol powered gasoline engines.’
    • ‘The algae can then be processed into biodiesel and bioethanol, sold at a profit, and used as transport fuel.’
    • ‘The petrol is blended with 5% bioethanol, a renewable fuel which shouldn't affect engine performance.’
    • ‘Jackson said existing bio-ethanol resulted in a 16% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.’
    • ‘However, now that flexi cars or flexible cars appear, either 100% bioethanol or 100% premium can be used.’
    • ‘Some of us are already filling up with petrol containing five per cent bioethanol.’