Definition of bioenergy in English:



mass noun
  • Renewable energy produced by living organisms.

    • ‘Probably the largest untapped source of bioenergy is the organic content of urban and industrial refuse and sewage.’
    • ‘The Clinton administration has set a national goal of tripling the nation's use of bioenergy by 2010.’
    • ‘The emitted bioenergy may be suggested as an alternative and feasible approach for cancer research and patient treatment.’
    • ‘Spouting palpable nonsense, the Order calls for tripling the percentage of bioenergy in the US energy supply by 2010.’
    • ‘The effectiveness of such bioenergy on cancer cells could be recommended as a supportive medical practice for clinical applications.’
    • ‘This has raised some questions about bioenergy being an expression of biochemistry.’
    • ‘From ethanol to wind power to hydrogen fuel cells, interest in bioenergy continues to grow.’
    • ‘Each ability takes a certain amount of bio-energy, which Frost can replenish with energy packs scattered throughout the battlefields he fights through.’
    • ‘This has generated a whole new interest in bio-energy in various parts of the world.’
    • ‘They are obtained from around the neighborhood, then processed, and will eventually generate bioenergy to be sold.’
    • ‘Plants turn energy from sunlight into bioenergy through a chemical process called photosynthesis, which also produces oxygen in its breathable form.’
    • ‘Therefore, if bioenergy and biochemistry have a mutual influence on each other, correcting bioenergy irregularities may also effect balancing the biochemistry.’
    • ‘Ayurvedic science is based on the principles of bio-energy.’
    • ‘Her writing indicates that she does not understand bioenergy the way biochemists do.’
    • ‘A Late Late Show spot around 15 years ago introduced the world of bio-energy to a countrywide audience.’
    • ‘We are exploring further opportunities for converting low-value biomass into bioenergy.’
    • ‘In addition, Congress is considering several bipartisan bills related to biobased products and bioenergy.’
    • ‘Everything, from each separate cell of a living organism to the organism as a whole, generates bioenergy.’
    • ‘Such intermittency of solar and wind, of course, means that bioenergy has to play an important role.’
    • ‘Bioproducts and bioenergy are made from renewable resources such as plants.’