Definition of bioelectric in English:



  • Relating to electricity or electrical phenomena produced within living organisms.

    • ‘Many aspects of human metabolism depend on the bioelectric process.’
    • ‘A ‘bio-cybernic’ system uses bioelectric sensors attached to the skin on the legs to monitor signals transmitted from the brain to the muscles.’
    • ‘The material of the suppressors' construction also absorbed any EM-wave scans made by the approaching Confederate ships, effectively hiding the bioelectric and infrared signatures of the Pelican's crew.’
    • ‘End points were 1) total body fat, as measured by bioelectric impedance; 2) regional fat, estimated by anthropometric measures; and 3) atherogenic blood lipids, measured by, total serum cholesterol, HDL-C, LDL-C, triglycerides.’
    • ‘However, just it time, he managed to push energy from his system into his bioelectric field, causing the creature to receive a shock as it hit.’
    • ‘Body composition, including fat free mass, fat mass, was assessed by bioelectric impedance.’
    • ‘Apparently the titanium has an ability to regulate the body's natural bioelectric currents though cell ionisation.’
    • ‘His bioelectric shields are sold for anywhere from $139 to over a thousand dollars.’
    • ‘The bioelectric theory tops off this confusing mix of theories.’
    • ‘Each brain has a unique set of bioelectric resonance/entrainment characteristics.’
    • ‘The bioelectric signals sent through the nervous system are also energy-intensive.’
    • ‘He lives in Winthrop and is currently working on the effects of bioelectric magnetism.’
    • ‘Maybe in some cases we are ‘recalibrating’ ourselves to be able to detect the various bioelectric energies of others in which case it could be measurable energy.’
    • ‘More importantly, he was one of the first not only to detect, but also to measure precisely bioelectric currents.’
    • ‘The large intestine acting as a bioelectric battery.’
    • ‘These bioelectric responses were accompanied by different biochemical and morphological changes.’
    • ‘The information about sleep stages, arousals, and periodic limb movements from bioelectric signals obtained by polysomnography also seems to be of limited value for predicting improvement in quality of life.’
    • ‘Because the brain is full of bioelectric surges that your kind can hold on to like Velcro.’
    • ‘Inducing magnetic fields into body tissue causes bioelectric current activity, which may assist in the normalizing of the electron flow in the body.’
    • ‘Repeated measures ANOVA showed significant differences among the walk groups in body fat measures by bioelectric impedance and waist-to-thigh ratio.’