Definition of biodata in English:



mass noun
  • 1Biographical details.

    • ‘Our first port of call was the lepers cemetery whose tombstones are still clearly inscribed with the biodata of those resting beneath them.’
    • ‘The main use of biodata is in the pre-selection of basic-level jobs such as apprentices or graduate trainees.’
    • ‘If you cannot verify the biodata offline when the subject presents himself and his card at some check point, then there is no purpose in storing even a hash on the card.’
    • ‘Actually, this chapter is supposed to be chapter eight, but the extra chapter, which is only Cassie's biodata is considered as one chapter as I put it separately from the rest of the chapters.’
    • ‘Similarly, few organisations reported using weighted application blanks or biodata - methods of collecting personal history information with relatively high validity.’
    1. 1.1Indian treated as singular A curriculum vitae.
      • ‘A biodata and self-assessment round was followed by on-stage stress interview.’
      • ‘Currently the CF uses cognitive ability measures, academic grades, references, biodata, and selection officers' rating of suitability to select officer candidates.’
      • ‘Agents in Africa send biodata and video recordings of promising players.’
      • ‘Given that the office had been ‘zoned’ by the party to the northwest, complaints about irregularly in his biodata were brushed aside at this stage.’
      • ‘But a judgment of this should be made only by evaluating their journalistic work, and not by examining their biodata.’
      • ‘If you are interested, please forward a copy of your biodata and qualifications.’
      • ‘‘When I brought this to the notice of the organisers, they said, ‘Oh, send us Rukmini Devi's biodata.’’
      • ‘Therese had sent me an unsolicited mail with her biodata.’
      • ‘We should judge journalists only on the basis of they write, and not their biodata.’
      • ‘In the evening the editorial staff in Sainik Samachar received a desperate call from a military attach of a foreign embassy: ‘Do you have the biodata of Lt-Gen.’’
      • ‘She gave me a cheerful grin and rattled off her past employers, accompanied by a brief biodata, both seemingly satisfying.’
      • ‘To reiterate what I said in my last post, journalists should only be judged by their journalistic work, and not their biodata.’
      • ‘This is your chance to not only help the club but also make a positive impact on your social life (and it looks great on a biodata sheet as well).’
      • ‘I therefore intend to carry out a biodata interview and ask him to sign a disclaimer as removals to Somalia are on a voluntary basis only.’