Definition of bioconversion in English:



mass noun
  • The conversion of one chemical compound, or one form of energy, into another by living organisms.

    • ‘Using microorganisms for bioconversion of agricultural commodities to high-value products offers the potential for increased income to farmers.’
    • ‘The bioconversion to scopolamine was highest when 100 mg l - 1 hyoscyamine was used.’
    • ‘One of our objectives is to identify as many as possible proteins involved in the anaerobic bioconversion of glycerol.’
    • ‘The scientists' approach is called bioconversion, a process that uses certain microorganisms or enzymes to reposition groups of hydroxy fatty acids on chains of carbon in vegetable oils.’
    • ‘For instance, industrial bioconversion processes require high-density, heterogeneous catalysts, permitting high activities over extended time periods while tolerating a range of operating conditions.’